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The trouble we're having right now is that project ideas are coming along at ever increasing speeds. We're truly finding it difficult to contain our excitement.  It's amazing really. This whole journey started out as one of depression and anxiety. Then we started to get together and talk and think and act on various ideas. We are having lots of fun and laughter and coming up with lots of project ideas - some sensible and some down right crazy!! Watch this space ...
We can't really say that projects are past or finished because many times what's finished is just a start - haha!!

Apple Tree Project - updated for 2021

Apple Tree with apples
Read about the Sutherland Orchard 2021 here
Last year we planted 20 apple trees in the Ardgay area. Now we are looking at the feasibility of expanding throughout Sutherland, with a dream to make Sutherland completely self-sufficient in apples! 
We are presently running a survey to determine interest in this project. We need local volunteers to help and can also work with local community groups to develop mini-orchards in your own villages. 
There's more information and links to the Sutherland Orchard Survey here.  
As always, please do get in touch if you have any questions or ideas. And, you can read more about our Ardgay Apple Tree Project 2020 here.

Farm Plastic Disposal

News update Sept 2020: Gosh, some problems don't half present more difficulties that others! We have talked with many folks - farmers, crofters, councillors, politicians, businesses and groups and associations. We have run surveys. We have met difficulties with every potential solution. However, we are closer to building some suggestions and are presently discussing options with the Crofters Federation, Zero Waste Scotland, and the Highland Council. Read more about the Farm/Croft Plastic Recycling issues and solutions here.

Community / School Polytunnels

Prior to covid, we managed to clear out and redevelop the Lairg School Poly tunnel where some plants are now successfully growing. We also received a grant from The Duchess of Westminster Charity and have take delivery of the Ardgay (Gledfield) primary, which we may be able to build soon. Who knows where this will take us. We have a questionnaire out and about just now seeking volunteers to help with the day to day running of these. If you're interested, please answer a few simple questions here.

Eco Business Survey

Our business survey was released in Feb 2020 and we have delivered successful real and zoom workshops to help businesses understand the steps that can be taken to save money and save the planet.  If you're in business in Sutherland, please have look here and fill in the survey. 
We have no further workshops planned at present, but would be very happy to organise another. Several businesses are benefitting from the help of Zero Waste Scotland to green their businesses (and help their pockets). 

Educational Film and Discussion Evenings

Our first film discussion evening was in Dec 2019. We watched The Climate Race followed by a very interesting live video call with Paul Maple, the film maker, and ended the evening with a group discussion on various climate related topics. We managed several other film nights before covid and then have been struggling to get restarted.

However, we are happy to announce that we are restarting our film club in Sept 2020. We pick a film, watch it at our leisure over the course of a week or so, discuss the film on our private forum and then organise a zoom session to discuss further.

Please look at the events page to find out more about these and other events, including film and discussion nights and carbon cafes.

Carbon Cafes

The first of our projects. Here we meet up and chat about environmental and climate issues, share news and view and helpful tips. This is where many of our community projects are formed. These fun events help to bring us all together, ease our climate anxieties and help us to unravel the best tracks to take on issues such as plastic and plastic replacements etc. Of course these have stopped due to covid. We are striving to restart and are looking at topics and speakers to focus our chat.