Welcome to Sutherland's Climate and Environment Group

We work on all sorts of climate and environmental projects in Sutherland, the Highlands and Islands and beyond.

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Helping Global Warming, Climate Crisis, Environmental Problems

We want everyone to
  • talk about the climate crisis
  • understand global warming
  • make small every day changes to reduce carbon foot prints
  • join our events to share and learn about climate change
  • help the environment - remove - reduce - reuse - recycle
  • improve environmental diversity, join our growing groups and projects
  • enjoy and join our Carbon Action Projects
  • help Sutherland (and friends) become more resilient 
Thus far, we have reached Ardgay, Bonar Bridge, Rosehall, Lairg, Golspie, Brora, Assynt, Tongue and Helmsdale. We'd love to create a central hub where we can all access and share information. So, please do get in touch to let us know what you're already doing to help with the climate crisis, or indeed, to talk with us about how to get started with your own environmental improvements.

Our inclusive approach takes into account that we're never going to agree on everything. We can however, find common ground - areas where we can all be focussed on moving forward. Our film explains more about how we are aiming to achieve that: Planet Sutherland, Take One Step.

Carbon Cafe's

Here we talk climate! We help each other to understand the complexities of global warming, help to reduce each others climate anxiety and encourage each other to take steps to help reduce our carbon foot prints. We also develop community led projects. There's no pressure. Come along, enjoy a coffee and some craic - all on line just now of course. 

Community Projects

These may be local projects or larger projects to benefit the whole area - it's about helping you to work on projects that help the climate and environment.  Please have a look here at the projects past and present here. If you already run a climate / environment please do get in touch and let's work together to save the planet.

Business Initiatives

We're so happy to be working with Zero Waste Scotland in running events to help our local businesses reduce costs and reduce their carbon foot prints. 

We don't have anything planned right now, but if you would like to attend a Greening Your Business Workshop, please just get in touch by email. 

Each type of local business has different problems and may of course be working on business led projects already. Planet Sutherland aims to help here by helping business come together to develop various projects and initiatives that will make it easier, and more cost effective to implement change.


Suggested books and films to help us all learn more about the problem and what we can do.

Read more about climate films here.

Read more about climate books here.

What can I do to help the environment?

 Join the conversation. Get involved. Come along to one of our local group meetings.

These gatherings are friendly, helpful and supportive. The beginnings of each group are simply about starting the conversation. They allow us all to talk about our fears, to moan about what's not being done, and most importantly to figure out what's best to do.

The problem is huge and, like all big projects, these problems need to be broken down into manageable chunks. Whilst there is no pressure when joining us, it is hoped that after discussing some issues, each group will come up with a plan. That plan may be tiny such as individual household changes or may be larger such as planting more plants for bees or perhaps even looking at improving our local recycling / reuse options. However, if you're in that place just now where you just want someone to talk to about the planet's demise, that's fine too.

It's important that we all share information with each other. Indeed, there are already many projects going on around the area that perhaps we don't all know about.

You can read about the group origins here

You can read our mission and values here.

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