Welcome to Planet Sutherland

Our aims are very simply to...

help every one of us do more to help the planet.

This may be by making tiny changes, by becoming involved with small or larger projects, or simply by being kept informed as we strive to determine the best ways to help our little part of the planet.

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The group format and function is highly fluid. Each group and each conversation leads to new ideas. At present, we have:

Carbon Cafe's

Here, a few friends meet to chat about planetary issues. Each group is likely to have a different focus and may develop projects and initiatives in the individual areas. However, we're all connected, and can therefore help and benefit from each topic. Ofcourse, groups may just wish to meet and share info, which is, of course, absolutely fine too. There's no pressure. Come along, enjoy a coffee and some craic.

Community Projects

These may be local projects or larger projects to benefit the whole area. Ideas usually arise from discussion in the local groups. Please have a look here at the projects past and present here. There are of course many local projects going on already, and we are happy to work with and promote any likeminded groups.

Business Initiatives

Each type of local business has different problems and may of course be working on business led projects already. Planet Sutherland aims to help here by helping business come together to develop various projects and initiatives that will make it easier, and more cost effective to implement change. Projects past and present can be seen here.

Find out about our eco business survey and fill it in here.


Suggested books and films to help us all learn more about the problem and what we can do.

Read more about climate films here.

Read more about climate books here.

Group Ethos

We are a supportive, welcoming and caring group. We appreciate that there will be many different points of view held by individuals in the group. It is of course essential that we accept that others may have different lifestyles and beliefs. And that, indeed, all of our "beliefs" may be inaccurate. One major aim of the group is to seek out the truth. (If you'd like to be a Truth Sleuth, please do get in touch). Thus, I request that everyone retains an open mind, being happy to debate issues in a caring and thoughtful way.

We aim to be non political and are not involved in anything confrontational and are not an activist group.

Facebook Group and Google Email Group

Everyone (who is happy to follow the group ethos) is welcome to join Planet Sutherland. It's simply a to hear about meetings, projects and information on many topics with the goal of helping us all to be more informed.

What next?

 Join the conversation. Get involved. Come along to one of our local group meetings.

These gatherings are friendly, helpful and supportive. The beginnings of each group are simply about starting the conversation. They allow us all to talk about our fears, to moan about what's not being done, and most importantly to figure out what's best to do.

The problem is huge and, like all big projects, these problems need to be broken down into manageable chunks. Whilst there is no pressure when joining us, it is hoped that after discussing some issues, each group will come up with a plan. That plan may be tiny such as individual household changes or may be larger such as planting more plants for bees or perhaps even looking at improving our local recycling / reuse options. However, if you're in that place just now where you just want someone to talk to about the planet's demise, that's fine too.

It's important that we all share information with each other. Indeed, there are already many projects going on around the area that perhaps we don't all know about.

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