Apple Tree Projects

Apple Tree Project, Ardgay

Apple Tree with apples
Photo Courtesy of Appletree Cottage Loch Lomond

The Ardgay group decided that we'd work on an Apple Tree Planting Project. We did initially think about an orchard, but considered that it would be best to start of with something less difficult. And so, we developed the idea of a kind of distributed orchard - planting apple trees in Ardgay and District gardens.

In Oct 2019, we were delighted that the Ardgay District Community Council approved our funding application from the Beinn nan Oighrean Windfarm Community Benefit Fund.

16 trees were  purchased and allocated to the community. Some extras were also bought by individuals.

We were really lucky to catch a couple of hours calm sunshine on the 2nd week of February 2020 to hand out our apple trees. It was a great fun event - kind of like an apple tree flash mob. Old friends re-met, new friends made, family connections figured out and lots of laughs. Given the way the weather turned, we were really luck to be able to get the project completed. Of course, it will be a couple of years before we can actually enjoy the fruits of our labour. So... look out for our Apple Tree Day party in October 2022!! We like to plan ahead!

The next phase of this project will be
looking in to the possibility of extending this project into Creich District (Bonar Bridge to Rosehall areas), or indeed growing beyond apples and looking at other fruits trees or bushes or nut trees.

Please do get in touch if you're interested or wish to help or simply want a  free tree / bush next time around.