Plastic Free July Week 1

Plastic Free July - Plastic Free Fridays -Week 1

Plastic Free July is a worldwide campaign to reduce our dependence on single use plastic.

Covid has made this significantly more difficult - more bread is wrapped, more fruit is wrapped and LIDL are now providing plastic bags to use to pick bread and cake products instead of tongs: Anyone up for a weekly challenge to support this?

WEEK 1 - KITCHEN. Pop into the kitchen now and have a scan around - what and how many pieces of plastic can you get rid of.

My 1 minute review of the kitchen ...

* Today I'm going to plant coriander

* Yesterday I planted Chilli seeds (yeah I know way too late, but I live in hope... anyone had a spare plant?)

* Ditch Crisps (for July only... They're my weakness ;)

* More soup for lunch reduces my bread consumption
(indeed should be home grown salads!!)

* And this week we got local strawberries in what looks like a compostable container... Wot r you gonna do?

Have you joined the climate conversation yet?

If not, please do join up to one of our climate chat / info groups here.