Plastic Free July - Garden

Reducing Plastic in the Garden

Yeah, it's Friday and another chance to Think Plastic and support Plastic Free July. 

Week 3 - Plastic in the Garden!

There's a great group Our Food, Our Land: Gardeners Responding to Climate Emergency which has been discussing how to reduce plastic in the garden. And of course, there are lots of sites around from Gardeners World to the BBC and Garden Organic who all have pages on how to reduce or reuse garden plastic.

Many solutions, as usual may be ok for cities and more densely populated areas. I know, for instance, that someone now makes eco bricks simply to consolidate the volume plastic takes up and then puts it in the bin. Sounds crazy? But, they live close to a waste to energy plant and really it seems the best solution for that situation. Anyway... here are some thoughts and ideas on garden plastic:

  • Dobbies do take back cleaned plant pots and trays for recycling. Anyone know if our local garden centres do that?
  • But... we could set up some local places where folks could drop off their excess pots and trays for re-use. There are many projects that will get going soon in schools and communities who will need seed trays and pots. If anyone has any suggestions here or would like to be a collection point, please shout. 
  • Compostable pots and trays are now available, although no doubt a little more expensive
  • Pots can easily be made from toilet roll tubes (you can cut and fold over one end to stop compost coming out of the bottom
  • And of course some plants like peas and beans can be started off in toilet roll tubes and planted straight in the garden (helps to deter mice eating them, and allows earlier starting indoors) Compost (bark, grit, feed.. ) bags seem to be the worst problem. No one, it seems, takes these for recycling. It's a big problem and crosses over into other plastic bags like pet food bags, bird food bags etc. If you look on line, you can see many suggestions - lining raised beds and planters - use them for rubbish bags - weed suppression on paths (I worry about what happens when they degrade...) 
  • More on compost bags... One suggestion - BAD - was to take the bag and fill it with appropriately mixed composting material and seal the bag tight. This is bad because anaerobic composting makes methane, which is really bad for global warming. So far, all I've been doing with compost bags etc, is storing them. Maybe, at some point teracycle will provide a solution - maybe we can initiate this. Maybe it's something we should look into more.... wanna volunteer to take this forward??? 
Anyhoo... speaking of community growing... drum roll... we have just been awarded a grant for our Gledfield (Ardgay primary) Poly tunnel - woo hoo!!! So that's one reason to hang onto any seed trays n pots etc... And, we had a fab meeting with several community groups in Golspie + Brora yesterday talking about community growing projects... so watch this space for more info here too and please get in touch if you're interested in joining growing projects around the place - both individuals and other groups welcome.

Be great to hear your ideas on how we can reduce the areas garden plastic use. So, please do join the use below to share your fab ideas on how to reduce our garden plastic problem - which,  ironically, will most likely get worse as more of us are "growing our own".

Join the conversations here (choose from FB, Tw, email group etc... ) climate chat / info groups here.