Plastic Free July - Week 2 - Bathroom

Plastic Free Bathrooms

How could I forget about Plastic Free Fridays... (well one or 2 other things on my mind this week...)... So this is Plastic Free Saturdays 😉...

Not surprisingly, we're moving to a different room -

The Bathroom.

Please pop over to the Facebook group to share your hints and tips for saving plastic use in the bathroom. Personally, I now use shampoo bars and we've returned to bars of soap instead of shower gel. I saw a recipe for deodorant made with corn flour?? And I've heard that the cardboard tubes don't work so well. The glass jars seem extortionate, so, I'm now seeking a home mede recipe (well with shut down ending, it's time for a solution other than doing without 😉  Seems a bit odd...Toothpaste and dental floss and mouthwash solutions still elude me, having had teeth problems, I really worry about going green there... Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and tips, thanks.

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