Reduce Business Energy Costs Talk

How to Reduce Business Energy Costs

June 10th 2020, 2pm-3pm, on line. Free Event. Registration Essential please.

Do you use a building for your business, group or charity? Join us to learn how to save money on your bills and hopefully help a little with your re-opening plans. (So sorry if this reaches businesses who find themselves in dire straights - our hearts go out to you and we hope you find brighter futures soon.)
Join Ryan Felber from Resource Efficient Scotland to find out how to
  • save energy,
  • save money and
  • reduce your carbon footprint.
Ryan will talk us through several aspects on resource efficiency including: how to look at energy savings; how we can control costs whilst reopening; the best aspects to look at for the greatest savings; and the barriers to change etc. He'll also explain the RES free Energy Efficiency Assessment process and all the support available from planning through to implementation.
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