Upcoming Environmental Events, wb 22nd Jun

June 22nd week highlights

Some great events coming up this week.

For parents with young kids 

How on earth do we help our kids understand about Covid, Climate Change and all the other stuff that's going on? It's truly daunting. Do we keep them hidden from these crises? Do we tell them about it and potentially cause them anxiety and stress? Or, do we simply help them to love the good things? To love growing food. To love local food. To love upcycled clothes. To love creating toys by reusing stuff? To share their toys with others?
Our talk on Weds 24th June covers all these topics and introduces practical solutions to help our kids grow up loving sustainability. More information here.

For Gardeners and Growers

Two talks coming up with other organisations.

First is -

Recognising pollinators and the

second is

Choosing the Right Trees to grow on farms - in Scotland.

More information on the calendar here.

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