Upcoming Environmental Events, wb 22nd Jun

June 22nd week highlights

Some great events coming up this week.

For parents with young kids 

How on earth do we help our kids understand about Covid, Climate Change and all the other stuff that's going on? It's truly daunting. Do we keep them hidden from these crises? Do we tell them about it and potentially cause them anxiety and stress? Or, do we simply help them to love the good things? To love growing food. To love local food. To love upcycled clothes. To love creating toys by reusing stuff? To share their toys with others?
Our talk on Weds 24th June covers all these topics and introduces practical solutions to help our kids grow up loving sustainability. More information here.

For Gardeners and Growers

Two talks coming up with other organisations.

First is -

Recognising pollinators and the

second is

Choosing the Right Trees to grow on farms - in Scotland.

More information on the calendar here.

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Youth Climate Film Night

Collection of Climate Films 

For the youthful activists amongst us .. or their parents ;)


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Reduce Business Energy Costs Talk

How to Reduce Business Energy Costs

June 10th 2020, 2pm-3pm, on line. Free Event. Registration Essential please.

Do you use a building for your business, group or charity? Join us to learn how to save money on your bills and hopefully help a little with your re-opening plans. (So sorry if this reaches businesses who find themselves in dire straights - our hearts go out to you and we hope you find brighter futures soon.)
Join Ryan Felber from Resource Efficient Scotland to find out how to
  • save energy,
  • save money and
  • reduce your carbon footprint.
Ryan will talk us through several aspects on resource efficiency including: how to look at energy savings; how we can control costs whilst reopening; the best aspects to look at for the greatest savings; and the barriers to change etc. He'll also explain the RES free Energy Efficiency Assessment process and all the support available from planning through to implementation.
Please book your tickets for this free event here 

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Climate Videos and Podcasts - June 20

Videos and podcasts on climate and environment

Politics aside, the more we know of our options, the better we'll be able to make the best decisions to help with the climate crisis.

🍩 Why it's time for 'Doughnut Economics' | Kate Raworth | TEDxAthens

πŸ’š A Global Green New Deal: Into the Portal, Leave No one Behind - Join Arundhati Roy and Naomi Klein in a conversation moderated by Asad Rehman on how we move from crisis to justice and build a Global Green New Deal!

🏑  Robin McAlpine "Our Common Home Plan" - Transition Edinburgh's #BuildBackBetter event - 7 May 2020, Recording

🐳 The Plastic Shift Podcast - Huiyi Zhang and Sabolc Pap | Recycled plastics for Wastewater Treatment and other podcasts from The Plastic Shift on the ocean plastic problem

🌍 Friends of the Earth past and upcoming webinars include topics like Plastics, Petrochemicals and conronavirus; Coronavirus and the global food system; False Climate Solutions; Coronavirus and Climate Justice. Watch and find out more here.

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Climate Events June 20

Climate Change Events, June 20

There are so many on line events to help us all resolve Covid19 problems whilst caring about climate change. Here are our top picks  for business and individuals. You can see them on our Climate Events Calendar too.

Planet Sutherland On-line Events:

🌳 Reduce Your Business Energy Costs - Weds 10th Jun, 2pm-3pm. 

Ryan Felber from Resource Efficient Scotland will be talking about the various ways in which we can save money by considering how our energy bills stack up, and also explaining how RES can help with assessment, planning and implementation of new plans. FREE Event - Please book your Reduce Your Business Energy Costs ticket here, and do please get in touch if you have any questions.

🌳 How to Talk to Kids about Climate Change 

Anya Hart Dyke from Fife has spent several years finding inventive and fun ways to talk with kids about climate change. We're sure to find new ways to keep kids occupied during the summer too. Find our more, book and join the chat here. Free Event - Registration Essential, please book on How to Talk to Kids about Climate Change here.

🌳Community Supported Agriculture - Details to be announced

Friends Climate Events (date order)

🌳 Tues 9th Jun 2-3pm - SCCAN - #JustTransition Oil to Renewables  - Scottish Communities Climate Action Network are organising a discussion to provide a response to the Scottish Government Just Transition Commission. Attendance is for members and non members. Planet Sutherland will be represented, but if you'd like to attend too, please book your ticket here - SCCAN Just Transition, Oil to Renewables.

🌳  Friday 12th June, 10-12noon - Starting Your Food Growing Social Business. This Social Business Start Up School event is a workshop being run by Social Enterprise Academy. It will cover how to get started, sources of income and funding and how to achieve impact. Please register on line at Social Enterprise Academy here or email Lorna here.

🌳Friday 12th June, 3-4pm, Turning The Tide on Plastic Pollution. A free webinar event exploring projects tackling plastic pollution, in coastal communities, from a highland perspective. This event is being run by Green Hive, Nairn. Please book your free tickets  here.

🌳 Tues 16th Jun  - GreenBiz.com - Reputational Risks and Opportunities: Managing the Impacts of COVID-19 and Climate Change - Tues 16th Jun - 1pm-2pm ET (We think this is 5pm in our time zone) - Assessing Risks across business regarding Covid19 and Climate Change and improving business resillience. Sign up here - Reputational Risks and Opportunities

Infact, there's so much going in in June, it's best to have a look at  our online climate calendar where you can find details on all the events.
If you know of something else going on, please do get in touch.

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