Sutherland Climate News Picks - 24 May

Planet Sutherland Climate News

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News of what we've been up to this week:

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture We had a very interesting chat with Community Supported Agriculture UK.They explained the various different ways to increase community involvement in growing food ranging from groups becoming involved with farms and crofts to purchasing land for community allotments etc. We’ll be starting with a webinar from CSA-UK in June and then hopefully setting up some visits (possibly on line) with our nearby community food producers.

If you’d like to join the initial discussions to determine what we could do to increase the amount of food grown in Sutherland, please fill in your details here.

Environmental Businesses and Groups - Collaborative Directory

Sutherland Environmental Directory - Groups and Businesses Does your group or business have environmental objectives? We’re creating a Sutherland (and nearby) directory of who does what in Sutherland. We hope this will build into a collaborative group and it will make it easier to find other groups and businesses that you can work with.
You can see and join our eco business and groups directory here.


Just Recovery Chat with Scottish Climate Communities Action Network
We are a grateful member of Scottish Climate Change Action Network. (You can join as an individual member too). They provide lots of useful opportunities to link up with other climate action groups and run regular online events. One of the hot topics being discussed by many just now is how to #BuildBackBetter – how can we take advantage of the environmental benefits that Covid has thrown at us whilst moving forward to our “new normal”.  (With respect and love to all who are suffering.) The discussion was led by Rob Hopkins, author of From What is to What If and the workshops helped us to visualise what our new world could look like. The visualisation techniques included stepping into a time machine and zooming forward 10 years to imagine a new perfect community and then looking back from there to see what we could have done better. Sounds crazy, but was fun and helpful too.

Coming Soon - Plastique Fantastique! 

We started thinking a bit more about plastic, simply for a quick ideas info page. It probably won’t surprise you that we could now actually write a book on the topic. We’re looking at the pros and cons of eco bricks, thinking about what we can do with horticultural plastic waste and examining the upcoming tech.

Collective Climate Action this week:

Let's all - Turn Off The Tap!

Think about how often you leave the tap running when you don't need to - bringing water to your tap uses electricity - so we can all save a little by turning off the tap whilst brushing teeth and washing hands etc.

Have you joined the climate conversation yet?

If not, please do join up to one of our climate chat / info groups here.