News and fun info from the weekend - 18th May

Recycling Pizza!

Here are our best climate and environment picks from the weekends news and views to share with folks in Sutherland and the Highlands (and all our other friends of course). Hopefully this will be a regular blog post! Please do share your top news and tips on the facebook group, our email group or email us directly. All contact details are here.

Bunny Storage

Our Lairg Learning Centre Recycling expert has been keeping himself amused with these fantastic kids tidy ups. Thanks Graeme!
Do remember that even if the recycle centres open soon that it's better to just keep hold of stuff for now. After-all, currently, they should really be called land-fill centres! Perhaps you've been busy up-cycling your own furniture during this shut down time? Do share your stories on our FB group here or by email for onward sharing of ideas.

Easy Cook Pizza

How do you cook home made pizza? I prepare the dough in the bread-maker, take it out and let it rise, roll it out and bake the bottom on a hot pan, pop on the toppings and then into the over.
This looks like a great really simple idea and easy to prepare ahead of time, ready to cook for Saturday night without the hassle then. Slow dough rise and minimal kneading. Cast Iron Skillet Pizza from King Arthur Flour

Reusing VHS Tapes and Boxes

Speaking of recycling - how many of us have old VHS tapes in the loft. They'll be completely unplayable now - even if you can find a machine to play them on. If you're having a clear out, put them all together in a box for use later, or have a go yourself.
Our friends at the Brora Village Hub - Let's Grow Brora have been busy - these plant boxes look amazing. Not only that, but the video boxes are great for storing seeds in their seed library. Win Win!

Plastic Fantastic

Are we just switching from one type of consumption to another. Seems something wrong to me about growing crops to make pseudo plastic to continue with throw away containers!!

Building Back Better

(Putting politics aside, if we can), the Common Weal project has been doing an a amazing amount of work to pull together a potential plan where we can build our societies back up from Covid in a much better way. There are detailed studies about costs on how to green our housing stock and building solutions, transport, energy use etc. So much information in here to take on board, some of which could be considered for our own local area.

And from the Guardian ...the cleaner air, burgeoning urban wildlife, and our sudden, dramatic shift to a less carbon-intensive lifestyle reveal the scope of what we can achieve in just days. This is something to cling to as we navigate the twin storms of Covid-19 and climate...  Another great article on the need to take stock of where we are right now, take advantage of the benefits, reconsider our past and present habits -

Climate Chats this week

This week we are having an initial chat with the Community Supported Agriculture group to better understand what they do and consider whether there are any potential benefits for Sutherland and nearby. Please email us here if you'd like to find out more.

And again on the Build Back Better topic, we are attending an on line workshop organised by SCCAN + Transition Scotland Hub. It's on the  21st May if you'd like to join in. You'll probably need to join SCCAN as an individual member first. I'll provide and update  next week on discussion here and ideas for our future. More Info here.

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