Environment News Roundup - 31 May 20

Weekly Climate + Environment News and Info 

More and more evidence and interest in building back to a greener world.

The EU promises that the coronavirus recovery plan will not harm the planet, by creating greener transport, cleaner industry and greener homes - and not putting money into industries of the past. Read more here in The Guardian.

The WHO have also developed a manifesto to build back a better world, which focusses human health, a quick and healthy energy transition, healthy sustainable food systems, and stopping subsidising polluting businesses. Read more from the WHO web site here.

Helping Businesses Save Energy and Money

Webinar, Weds 10th Jun 2-3pm - Several folks benefitted from our Greening Your Business workshops back in March - just sneaked in before Covid. This webinar will provide lots of useful information on how to save energy and money, increase our green credentials and reduce our carbon foot print.  Ryan Felber from Resource efficient Scotland will explain what we can do and how RES can help with assessments, planning and implementation. Sign up here to book this on line event - How to Reduce Business Energy Costs

Building Back Greener will create more jobs.

Reusing and repairing our valuable planetary resources increases employment by over 200%! There are so many exciting opportunities available from 3d printing using recycled plastic bottles to making roads and driveways. Both the CRNS Impact Report and MacRebur - The Plastic Road Company in Lockerbie have excellent ideas. For example - Moray Waste Burners are working at Moray Recycling Centre and Miixer in Dunbar is collecting items from zero waste sheds and selling them in their shops - 10 full time jobs created.  Please to get in touch with us if you're interested in following up any of these projects for implementation in Sutherland or the Highlands.

For Hospitality Businesses - Green Key Programme

The Green Key Programme helps hospitality businesses be recognised as eco friendly, and helps you to promote your sustainable and environmentally friendly credentials. The scheme provides a framework to progress through and helps you save money by e.g. reducing energy use and benefit from this award which is recognised throughout the world.

Helping Children understand Climate Change

There are so many great web sites and resources out there to help us help children learn about climate change. But where to start? Well, we're building a Kidz Zone where we'll collate the best information to help and also run webinars and projects to help them cope with the way the world is changing and to help them help to educate us too! We had already started a schools crisp packet collection and two polytunnel projects, but of course, both had to stop due to Covid. So, at the moment, we're looking at how to move forward with some exciting school projects and some interesting on line events for parents. If you'd like to be first to hear about these, please do join us at the link below.

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