Visualizing Climate Change, Stephen Sheppard

Visualizing Climate Change, Book Review

Are you stuck on ideas on how to help people see that climate change is real?About how to get more people changing their habits? This is the book for you!
It's a workbook with steps and strategies that help to build ideas and projects. The key concept is visualisation - the benefits of using images to help to get the message across and to invigorate action.
Various case studies are includes to e.g. help people see potential flooding issues or to help communities see how their village / town could be adapted to mitigate climate change issues.
The 2 main themes are first, to help us understand the holistic considerations required looking ate Causes, Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptaion and secondly, looking at the individual learning journeys of several people in a village.
Read more about Visualizing Climate Change here.
The book is available in the Lairg Learning Centre Library.