Worldy Eco News on Wednesdays - 20th Nov 2019

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World Food, Climate Issues

India Onion Political Storm

Most of us love curry these days. Many of us start off every recipe with an onion. But what happens when onions are a significant part of every meal? Did you know that India suffered a drought this year followed by horrendous monsoon rains? Onions are therefore in seriously short supply. Prices soared. People fought. The government had to step in and fly in massive quantities of onions.


And speaking of curry....

Believe it or not, most rice in the world has a huge carbon foot print. One author (I think from Are We Screwed - possibly another - sorry, I've been reading so many books...) suggests that there are zero eco friendly rice producers. The rice paddies are flooded with lots of water and huge amounts of fertiliser. Not only that, but the wet ground increases the perfect environment increasing methane from the decomposing organic matter; this will only increase as temperatures rise.
Fortunately there is hope!
There is a process called System of Rice Intensification (which sounds awful - right!) but actually, it changes how rice is grown to use less water, less fertiliser and increases yields.
You can read more about SRI here.

World Fires

We used to think of monsoon and tornado seasons. Now there's a thing called fire season!

Amazon Burning - Drought 

A new satellite-based map of a section of the Amazon Basin reveals that at least some of the massive fires burning there this past summer were concentrated in water-stressed areas of the rainforest. The stressed plants released measurably less water vapour into the air than unstressed plants; in other words, they were struggling to stay cool and conserve water, leaving them more vulnerable to the fires.

California - fires are "normal"!

...wildfires are a natural part of California’s landscape...WOW!

Australia Fire Season - October to March! season in New South Wales (NSW) Australia, which  officially runs from October 1 to March 31,