The Chocolate Climate

We all love chocolate. Many of us have changed what we buy or at least reduced consumption, being aware of the planetary cost of palm oil that is used in many chocolate products.

I was however genuinely shocked reading this Guardian article this morning.

Ivory Cost Law could see
Chocolate Industry wipe out
protected forests

If it's to be trusted, the chocolate industry
  • clears rain forests
  • uses slave labour
  • and is evicting people from their lands!
Planet Sutherland is trying to steer clear of politics, but with these truths coming out about chocolate, it is perhaps one are where reducing consumption will help. Little by little.

I'm thinking of this, especially with Christmas coming up. We do all tend to over indulge and perhaps allow ourselves more treats than usual, and are perhaps less selective.

Given that the top priority in the Reduce, Reuse, Recyle messages is REDUCE, then perhaps we can reduce what we buy and perhaps buy more ethical and environmentally caring products. 

Here's the Guardian's report on 

Top 10 ethical
British Chocolates

Here's the good shopping guides information  on

Unfortunately it's all very confusing. The Guardian indicates that Green & Blacks is the best ethical brand, despite it being taken over by conglomerates. However, the good shopping guide really slates Green & Blacks!! It seems no different from Galaxy in the ratings! Montezuma and Trade Craft would seem to be the best we can get around here.

Fortunately too, apparently in 2017, Lidl announced:

Lidl is to introduce 100% sustainable cocoa in all its own label products, following The Co-op, which made a similar commitment in February > more here.

Ofcourse, it's difficult to determine the truth and aspects here may well be misleading. Sorry about that. If you know anything about the chocolate industry or ethical, planet friendly chocolate, please do get in touch here