We've been out and about

Hiya all,
So I've been a busy little bee and been out and about popping up posters and handing out flyers. (Which I'll need to get organised to bring along to our gatherings). Here's a wee update.

Dornoch Community Market Visit

Last Wednesday, I headed over to Dornoch with the idea of chatting with lots of folks at the Dornoch Community Market.

It was great to see the market so busy with plants, crafts, cheese, local meats and several stalls about various local community and voluntary groups.

I didn't know for instance that Dornoch has a community orchard and garden...

I also popped into a a few shops and places and chatted with folks about what Planet Sutherland is aiming to do. So, I know the word is spreading around and hopefully we'll get something going in Dornoch soon.

The Big Tea Party, Bonar Bridge

Next, on Sunday, the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust held their Big Tea Party event in Bonar Bridge Hall. Everyone enjoyed the chit-chat, food and drink and we had a great time letting folks know about our wee project.
I'm really looking forward to helping Dornoch School with their plastic-straw free campaign and it's great that more folks now know that Morrisons (and we think Tesco too) now have a recycle bin for plastic wrapping as well as carrier bags. A few folks signed up to be kept informed of the projects too.

Lairg Meet

And then last night we held the wee gathering in Lairg Learning Centre. It was just fab to meet some new folks who are soooo keen to be doing things to help the Planet.

We had folks from Lairg, Rosehall, Brora and Dornoch. Many laughs were had whilst we enjoyed a wee cuppa and talked through various planet saving ideas such as the garden schools projects and car and tool sharing. We also talked about the Reduce / Re-use / Re-cycle mantra.

Did you know that there is an order to this. Step 1 - Re-duce. Step 2 - Re-use and then only what's left is Re-cycled. ....

We also chatted about what kind of structure Planet Sutherland could take and various concepts regarding its purpose.

We'll be getting together again in Lairg in about a month, and hopefully setting up groups in Dornoch and Brora too now.

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