Todays Planet Saving ideas 9/8/19

Climate Crisis ideas and tips for planet saving, Aug 19

Here's a great page from WWF with lots of ideas on how we can change our habits and behaviour to save the planet. It covers ideas from travel to recycling to sustainable eating

Save Water, Help the Climate

The other day, a friend mentioned that turning off the tap saves energy. It's not something we think about. (Well, unless you have a pumped private water supply.) Here in Sutherland, water is usually abundant. However, getting clean water to our taps uses energy. Here's some info about our Scottish Water -
Put simply - turn off the tap when washing your hands or brushing your teeth and use a watering can instead of a hose...

Bees help the climate

Great to keep bees, but we need to know how

Climate Car Club

.....Linstone Housing is charging ahead with two new electric cars for its highly-successful Car Club which frees local people from the costs of car ownership.